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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

797. is this a bad sign?

i received "the dark knight" dvd for christmas.
i have watched it perhaps a few dozen times.
not the whole movie but just my favorite joker moments.
some people sing in the shower, i talk like the joker.
but just not in the shower.
i talk to the dog, to my pc, to other blogs, to mr. television there, to other drivers, to anyone/anything that can't actually hear me.
it starts at 6AM and ends at 11PM.
to partially quote the joker, "it completes me!"

i think this is a bad sign.


lightly said...

nope it sounds like the normal you

itsmecissy said...

It's not talking to yourself, it's thinking out loud and I do it all the time . . . who else can I trust more than me?

bob said...

"it's simple.
kill the bobman."

can't control it.
i don't even make sense.

Pam said...

As long as the dog doesn't start arguing with you, you're ok.