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Friday, January 16, 2009

55. the coffee, dishwashing, lipso-lacko plan to x-y nirvana

i have discovered that if i bring keaton a hot mug of coffee with heated, whipped, non-fat milk just as she wakes in the morning, i can pretty much make all the ‘manstakes’ i’m capable of until dinner time without punishment.
then if i do all the dishes, pans and counters after dinner, i can continue on willy-nilly in my ‘manstake’ ways, which by that time bubble over into a crescendo of tv sports viewing and reruns of seinfeld, until bedtime—again, without fear of reprimand.
and as long as i seal the deal with a little 'lipso-lacko' (aka a goodnight kiss), well then, i have lived another day in x-y nirvana.

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Keaton's Mom said...

Most guys don't catch on that well. A little TLC goes a long, long way. Seal the deal with a little smooch, and you're in like Flynn.