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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

769. it's thankstaking day at cranelegs pond

i celebrate a special holiday that occurs every fourth wednesday in november (unless the fourth thursday occurs after the third wednesday, in which case it is the third wednesday) called thankstaking.
it puts the taking in thanksgiving.

and this year i take thanks:
  • from keaton for cutting my yearly manstakes down from a whopping 471 last year to a nice round 350 this year
  • from my son for all the worldly business advice i gave him during his first job search, which by doing completely the opposite he was able to land a great starting job.
  • from my pseudo step daughter for setting her straight on the dubious intentions of every male who has even looked at her sideways.
  • from my parents for driving them to atlantic city and not dumping them in the pinelands in an act of desperation to end the insanity of their non-stop back seat driving comments.
  • from keaton's mom for giving her something to practice her spelling and grammar skills on while board at work.
  • from benny and andy for giving them fifteen minutes of fame (that's what they think anyway)
  • from boss don for not having a contract taken out on him.
  • and last but certainly not least, from my more vocal readers itsmecissy, pam, lightly, anonymous and the tens of others for not intentionally insulting their intelligence (or them for that matter).

from all of you i take great thanks and hope your thankstaking day is as self-serving as mine has been.

happy thankstaking!


Pam said...

Wow! I'm honored to be mentioned as a pond frog. Have a great day tomorrow y'all.

itsmecissy said...

"ribbit, ribbit" - ME TOO (it ain't easy being green).

Have a supercallifragilistic day yourself mr crane and god bless us, everyone.

amen, now pass the gravy!

lightly said...

success I have finally achieved my 5 minutes of fame.

have a happy happy thanks giving

Keaton's Mom said...

And the same back at you my son...(sort of). Your gift of "The Pond" is all you need to give me for Christmas too. I love going there and sitting for a spell. I enjoy all your Pond friends who post too.