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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

770. back to the future

it's been a while since i've checked out the emails from the future.
i'm curious that way.
the last time i checked (search for post 141), it was apparent that some kind of penis shrinking scourge had stampeded across this great land, as enlargement strategies of all sorts were in the offerring.

so let's take a look at what we have now in mr. spam inbox.

well, the year is 2038, and my oh my, there's a bunch happening.

the first thing i noticed is that i'm going to receive a half dozen "new private messages".
well my first thought is that they are more than new.
they're beyond new.
they're like future new.
can't get any newer than that.
why they're newture!
and private to boot!
oh baby, this could cause a little rift in the bob and keaton show!
(note to bob: when i finally get these newture private messages, delete them as if your life depended on it!)

wow, and look, there is a cheating housewife who will send her love email to the wrong email address.
i sure hope she isn't planning to send this from her family email account .
i'd hate to return it to that and cause some kind of 2038 family calamity.
oh well, i have some time on that one.

oh and it looks like if i run up a mountain of credit card debt, there will be plenty of debt reducers , gold to cash deals, and/or plain old cash handouts to ease the burden.
that's good to know.

huh ... then there is cutie185 who has some explicit naughty material.
well that'll be disappointing because i'll be like 86 years old by then.
and 86 and naughty pix just don't go together like love & marriage or a horse & carriage.

holy smokes, i finally have a delivery date on that 52" LCD HDTV i ordered from circuit city.
whew, just in time for the conversion over to digital.

well all in all, not bad, but wait.
here's a little piece of intuitive thinking.

apparently the shrinking penis scourge of 2037 has been defeated.
no enlargement emails!
big penises are back!
wait till i tell keaton.
that'll put a little sunshine in her otherwise cloudy day!

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itsmecissy said...

YIKES, in 2038, I'll be as old as Barbara Bush is now . . . 'cept I'll be a lot better looking - ROFL!