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Thursday, October 21, 2010

724. momcat's 78th

well, another year, another momcat birthday today.
so rather than spend money on a card from hallmark with some dumb message written by god knows who, i thought it might be nice if i wrote my own birthday wish for you because i'm good that way!

momcat, this is your special day!
did you know rock hudson was pretty much gay?
sorry to tell but i just had to say.
(because dad begged me to tell you on account of he can't take it no more—this little rock hudson dream world you live in with the dvd collection and dolls and everything—and he doesn't have the heart to ruin it for you, so of course he comes to me and now i have to tell ya in this birthday message because i figure it's the nicest way to break it to ya. anyway ...)
now go and enjoy your happy birthday!

i know ... i know ... i know. now, don't go and get all weepy and stuff! i just have natural poetry skills that's all. it's a gift. nothin' special.

happy 78th ma!

1 comment:

Pam said...

The women in my family don't care if Rock is gay. He's still the best looking guy going. By the way, can I borrow one of those dolls?