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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

715. obsession (radical islam's war against the west)

this past weekend, i received a free dvd in the mail.
it's a one hour movie titled, "obsession: radical islam's war against the west".
it was distributed by some caring group of worried private citizens called the clarion fund.
(in the nick of time too, right before the elections.)
now, this clarion fund, they are one humble bunch.
they don't even tell you who they are, making it virtually impossible to giving them any credit i'm sure they deserve.
(i like that in an philanthropic organization; very christian.)

anyway, the envelop, in which the dvd came, sure has provocative pictures of some seedy evil doers.
oh baby, can't wait to see what those rascals are up to.
i mean, who knows?
maybe it'll even get to the bottom of who this barack "hussein" character is really.
now that's the kind of audacious hope i'm talking about.
anyway, i plan to watch it tonight with my trusty slingshot at my side (keaton confiscated my replica colt 44 cap gun after a mishap the other night with barnie bumpstead up the street), just in case i get all fired up and all, and need to go out and take down a few osama, oops, i mean obama campaign yard signs.

i'll report back with a ... um ... with a ... um ... with a report.

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