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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

716. follow up on obsession (see #715)

okay, i watched the film.
okay, i get it.
okay, there are terrorists out there hell bent on being evil doers.
okay, okay, okay!
and the film's solution is ... donate money to the clarion fund.
i guess my first question is why?
i mean, after all, i did a wiki of the clarion fund and it appears to be in partnership with israeli lobbyists, which might explain all the dire dread and crafted rationale.

now, to their credit, after chasing a few links offered at the site to drill down to the presidential candidates, i was led to the campaign sites and each specific page that deals with national security.
so a big, "i was wrong", for suggesting that somehow barack "hussein" would be at the bottom of all this.

but having said that, something still stinks of fish in denmark.
i have this uneasy feeling about this clarion fund.
the film offers no solution, other than leaving us to surmise we should suspend common sense and decency, and start torturin' and shootin' the place up.
not one hint that possibly trying to break the cycle of hate might be a more lucrative endeavor (i know, i'm a hopeless lib).

i don't know, there seem to be some sneaky petes afoot over at the clarion fund.
and i've got my eye on them too.
any misstep and i'll let you know.


Dan said...

I saw this video at my mother's house in Michigan. The Mccain campaign is trying really hard to freak out a ton of susceptible people into believing that Obama is a Muslim terrorist.
It's easy to slide over to thinking that ALL Muslims ara radicals employing hateful Jihad against the West, and that we are in another Crusades-like war with them for the long haul... however, this is precisely what the Bush administration and the Mccain campaign want us to believe jsut so they can perpetually have good Christian footsoldiers to continuously replenish their army... and they want to blackmail voters into placing pen to paper for Mccain so we continue the warfare against innocent civilians [otherwise know as collateral damage] in both Iraq and Afghanistan. They want us to believe that Sharia law in Iran is also tha major root of all evil, although I would argue that it is religion in general, and the fact that it takes two to tango..
In the end, it's propaganda to strike fear into American voters right before the general election.

NEWSFLASH: It's not going to work. Obama wins.

bob said...

dan, thanks for the comment. it takes effort and thought and i appreciate both.
i agree with the tango you mention.
but i think this is more about an israeli deal that mccain is collateral to.

doesn't matter because your newsflash is correct. obama brings it home.

Anonymous said...

I think this movie accurately shows the ideology of RADICAL islam and what can happen when that ideology is put into action. Of course there are peaceful muslims that that live and work beside non-muslims, the movie isn't talking about them. But where is the voice of the peaceful muslims in the media?...why aren't they on CNN or putting out their own dvd's to let non-muslims know that they do not agree with or support those that are giving their religion a bad name?

bob said...

i think we are in agreement about the movie's accurate depiction but my problem is that we already know that. is the point that we are forgetting to be scared? is it that our fears are not at an appropriate alert level (orange or red)?

i'm looking for a little more than fear mongering. i'm looking for some root causes and solutions. sending money is not an answer in my book.