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Monday, September 15, 2008

674. a short story about aig

aig is scrambling to survive and i'm not surprised.
i was employed by aig.
and it took me exactly three weeks to conclude, aig was nuts (it took another hectic three weeks to get my butt out of there).

the culture was simple.
white shirts filled with pasty white doughboys, who pounded fists and ranted and raved, essentially making it clear they wanted to hear only the facts, as long as the facts were the ones they wanted to hear, otherwise lies would do.
in other words, power bullies in designer suits and silk ties who were uninterested in truth.

my experience tells me, it's a business scourge.

and as a result of this brilliant business culture, they heard whatever it took to escape the wrath.
it's what then chairman "hank" greenberg wanted.
the same chairman who was known to fly in executives from international offices to tell them they were fired, and leave them stranded.

so i say, good riddance aig.

(whew, i feel better already. unfortunately though, the ones responsible will only have the penalty of figuring out how to survive on multi-million dollar severances.)

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