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Monday, September 15, 2008

673. i can't take it no more

someone has to speak up.
i guess that would be me.

i don't know if you have this problem, but jersey cable channels are saturated with local business ads whose marketing budgets must be paid out of pocket change.
and they come almost exclusively in one flavor: new car dealerships featuring the ownerships' obnoxious offspring.

and i tell ya, i can't take it no more!
it's enough to make me want to commute by horse.


Keaton's Mom said...

We have one of those down here, and they dress up in silly costumes, ride tricycles, yeah, the little kiddie three wheeler deals, and yell and shout at you to buy their car....LAST CHANCE...so obnoxious!!!

bob said...

it's like a virus i tell ya!

hang in there!

The Bayley Blog said...

So finally we've found a similarity between New Jersey and Northern California!

My blog deals with the same - crazy stuff that we deal with and shouldn't. bayleyblog.squarespace.com

Hats off to you!

bob said...

thanks for stopping by. i plan to pay you a visit and encourage all my three readers to do the same.

it's nice to know california and jersey can be spoken in the same sentence. (well nice for jersey, maybe not so much for california)