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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

675. movie review: burn after reading

i wasn't a brad pitt fan.
don't get me wrong.
he has talent, just not the type i'm a fan of.
but that's all changed now.

he is one funny poor sap in this coen brother movie about the chance encounters of an odd assortment of self-absorbed people, as a loose thread of a plot about extortion, sex addiction, the "f" word, and cosmetic surgery, ties it all up in a neat little package of misfit shenanigans.
and it is brad pitt who carries the humor burden.
and pulls it off he does.
so much so that you don't even mind his rather dubious departure.

although not necessarily oscar worthy, burn after reading is audience worthy.
it gets a very favorable two eyes wide opened from cranelegs pond.

and brad, those dance moves?
i can't stop doing them everytime i'm stopped at a red light.
keaton thanks you ... not!

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