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Friday, September 3, 2010

614. benny needs some sensitivity training

benny said, hey! did ya hear the one about the mick and the wop?
i said, no, and i don't want to.
so benny said, oh that's right. you're mister politically correct. let me rephrase that. so did ya hear the one about the irishman and the italian?
i said, no, and i still don't want to. humor based on ethnic stereotypes isn't funny to me anymore. it's uncomfortable actually.
then benny said, all right mister prius-owning, chardonnay-sipping, microbrew-drinking, bible-hating, homo-loving, godless elitist, fine. have it your way. no ethnic jokes.

benny took a moment to think.

then he asked, hey, did ya hear the one about the blind fag and the deaf retard?
i said, benny, com'on. it's the same thing.
benny said, oh sorry, i meant to say the visually-challenged homosexual and hearing-impaired, mentally-handicapped guy?
i said, oh forget it. no, i haven't. what?

so benny proceeded to tell me his joke.

and when it was over, i smiled and said, sorry, i don't get it. it's not funny.
then benny said, well of course it isn't funny a-hole! that's because i couldn't use fag and retard. it lost its pizazz.
so i said, yeah, i guess. maybe that's what it was. sorry about that.
then benny concluded, you've become one of them humorless liberal losers. you need to lighten up man. like that poem guy said, take the low road more travelled once in a while.

and i chuckled as i thought, now when benny quotes poetry, that's funny.

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itsmecissy said...

Sounds like an episode of the "Benny & Butthead" show.