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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

611. a moment of introspection

i am taking a moment to look inward and reflect upon what it is i'm doing here at cranelegs pond, being that i have just surpassed 600 posts and all.

let the process begin.
uh ha ... umm ... hmm ... nah ... interesting ... ah ... yes!

i have concluded that, for the most part, i have been dabbling in a wild orgy of self-indulgence, the scale of which has not been witnessed since the grand banquets of caligula.

i think this.
keaton says that.
benny and andy do something else.

who cares?
no one, as far as i can tell!

holy smokes, when i reflect, it's no sunday picnic i tell ya!
so much for that bright idea.

(note to bob: next time i suggest introspection to myself, come up with an excuse, possibly that i'm too busy; like, "i'm a little self-indulged right now, maybe another year")

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