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Saturday, July 19, 2008

608. do it for the relationship

keaton convinced me to see a free film in the local community park last night.
nancy drew was the movie—oh boy.
anyway, my initial response was an uneasy apprehension but i couldn't put my finger on why.
possibly, the movie itself?
nah, nothing could be worse than must love dogs and i lived through that.
maybe the little kids running to and fro, screaming, "mommy! mommy! jimmy keeps touching me!"
nope, having grown up with three brothers, a little unwanted touching is child's play.
i know, probably the teenage kids hanging out on the perimeter making it clear to all with their obnoxious noise that they are not amused by the swarm of parental units occupying their park on their night.
i don't think that was it either.

oh well, it would eventually come to me.
besides i'm always negative initially (it's a non-skipper genetic thing tied directly to my dad that i have transferred to my son quite completely).

so i said, no problem. sounds like fun.
(that's code for: i'll do it for the relationship.)

it was about, oh, three minutes in that i recalled why the uneasiness.
i attract mosquitoes like three-week-old, standing water.
and today i look like a star map of the night sky for my efforts.
when i think about it, boy what i'll do for the relationship apparently has no bounds.
but i won't complain, because, whereas the outdoor movie was good for the relationship, not mentioning the sacrifice is excellent for my personal health.

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