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Friday, July 18, 2008

607. it's simple ... see the bat man!

now the review (see 606).

if you are afraid of heights (like me), do not see this movie in imax.
repeat, do not see this movie in imax.

other than that, it is as good as the hype.
i could go into all the high brow, multi-layered, satirical, sorta good versus really evil stuff (believe me, something i wallow in).
but i won't because it doesn't need it.

this is a helluva movie.
heath ledger makes the joker more than the name of the actor.
much more.
scary more.
and i loved it—can't keep from imitating the joker, testing keaton's limited patience.

having said all that, it is not for everybody.
like dads bringing in their ten year olds in some sort of ill-advised, premature bonding escapade.
or like sex in the city types.

this is a serious movie about age old conflicts.
it isn't for the young or thirty something women in biological-clock-running-out crisis.
(let the hate mail beign)

oh well, i plan to see it again.
and probably again.
and then i might watch it on pay per view before i watch it on hbo.

yeah, that good.

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