"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ramblin' man

warning, this is gonna ramble.
so i've been a little recalcitrant, except  i’m not sure what that means but i like the sound of it.
maybe better yet, i’ve been preoccupied, except i don’t like that word—it sounds like i’m a country already in defilement before being subjugated by someone else.
look, i’ve been missing in action, not my normal, sunny-side over self.
there are a bunch of reasons, none of them much good on their own merit, but when put all together, are quite compelling.

the bottom line, it’s been slow around the pond lately.
the truth is, i’m going back into corporate lockdown, apparently i’ve broken my parole.
it’s a good thing though.
nah, that’s me just being all upbeat.
not that it’s a bad thing, cause it isn’t.
it’s so-so.
but right now so-so is good.
i’ll leave it at that.

there’s other stuff going on too.
no, not between keaton, my mermaid in training, and me, her reluctant swashbuckler in shambles.
it’s mostly stuff between the ears, making it difficult to be funny, as exemplified by this post.

well, this is certainly nebulous, except i think that is a type of cloud.

okay, how about this?
i have a new email process:: i give you an email address and you write me something nicey-nice.
don’t be afraid to try it out.
i even send you an automatic, vintage bob, wise guy thank you for all your efforts.

boy, i sure can say a lot of nothing when i put my mind to it.
oh well, i warned you.


Pamela Beers. said...

Hey, Bobby, I left you a lengthy comment earlier, and it disappeared. Simply put, here's a hug.

Robert Crane said...

i think i know what happened to the comment. it's up there with setting the kitchen ablaze with a badminton shuttlecock.

sorry about that. it was a nice comment too. thanks!!!

Pamela Beers. said...

Oh no! Not another fire story! They're my favorite. Probably because I loved playing with fire when I was a kid. Still do.