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Sunday, June 29, 2008

584. bob's top ten faqs

i was thinking that if someone wants to really understand me, bob, what better way than to know my (i.e., bob's) top ten faqs.
it's the key to how i move about my little world—measured wholly by what's on bob's inquisitive mind.
and after much thought and insightful inquiry of those around me, this is the definitive list.

bob's top ten faqs:

10. what's for dinner?
09. when we eatin'?
08. do you think that's enough pasta?
07. how many shrimp did you have?
06. where's the salt?
05. do i have anything on my chin?
04. are you done with that bone?
03. is there dessert?
02. is there any more dessert?

and the number one bob faq is:
01. what!?!


Keaton's Mom said...

See what happens when your main squeeze is an exceptional cook? After awhile it's all you can think about! Food, food, give me food!!!

Maybe I'll make my famous enchillada casserole when I'm up there!! Would that be acceptable?

itsmecissy said...

Personally, I would revise #3 to
What's for dessert?