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Saturday, June 28, 2008

581. eddie izzard - stripped

my son and i just saw eddie izzard at radio city music hall, a quaint little venue in manhattan.
he is on his "stripped" tour.
he opened by saying that he was going to talk about everything.
i looked at my son, as we snickered in shared cynicism.

he did.
and then some.

he is the first comedian who has ever just plain wore me out.
an hour and fifteen minutes of non-stop laughing will do that to a person.
but there was another forty five to go and he was barely out of the stone age, which if you didn't know, was right on the heels of the lesser known, twig age.
so i took a breather for fifteen during early enlightenment.
but rebounded in time for the romans through the finish.

so who is eddie izzard?
let's see.
the best way to describe him is a white, british, cross-dressing bill cosby—if you don't count the atheist and potty mouth parts.

and he is one funny guy.

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