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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

538. a reflection at cranelegs pond (read 537 first please)

sapped of common sense, i lassoed the dog and drifted up the path to cranelegs pond.
although embraced by death's hug, i thought foolishly that somehow it was a good idea.
get some fresh air—the mantra of a crazed woman i call ma.
standing on its bank, i stared into the glassy water, pondering a most important question.
the type of question one formulates when one's life is suddenly played before him in sony beta format.

why can't i cast caution to the stiff spring breeze?
why can't i quit this job that ills me so?
why not write these posts for a living?
yes, why not—yes, i can!

the dog pulled on the leash, having spotted a playful sunny just under the shallow water.
i thought hard (it's what comes naturally at the pond).
then it struck me.
no one would pay money to read them.
and i realized, therein lies the rub.
yes, i can't.

ah, cranelegs pond can be a cruel place on a gusty day.
a cold splash of straight talk for a dreamer.
i might just as well have asked mccain, or ma for that matter.
curse you cranelegs pond!
curse you!

i tugged the dog off the curled, stiff carcass of the sunny who just a minute ago danced to my delight.
certainly an omen to the fate of my short lived aspiration.

i sauntered home, shoulders drooped, smiling in the face of hurt.
this was going to take more than chicken soup.

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Keaton's Mom said...

AAAAW, as one who knows the depths of gloom, let me tell you, just embrace the Pond for the Pond itself. It is a joy to the heart, and a salve to the wound. It is always there for you, there will always be another sunny for the dog's delight, and for yours. And don't knock the chicken soup thing! Embrace the joy you bring to others too. Be 'sunny' yourself and smile...the dog won't bite you, she loves you!!!