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Sunday, April 6, 2008

535. getting traffic to your blog

a fellow blogger asked, hey bob, you're a successful blogger. how do you get traffic to your blog?
i thought, this poor sap was delusional, but when one is short on confidence, one takes any accolade that comes one's way, no matter how fragile, and runs with it like carrying a tray full of fine crystal.
so i said, always tag every post with keywords 'paris hilton naked' and 'bondage'. it's a sure thing. why, you'll get so much traffic, you'll need a 'merge ahead' sign.
the blogger said, wow, incredible. and so easy to boot.
i said, yeah, however keep in mind, it took me pretty much two years to overcome the obvious ethical conundrum, but with a little clever mis-reasoning—well maybe a bus load—you can get to the bloggers promised land. good luck my friend.

all the while i thought, i don't have the heart to tell him it's all about the content, because i'm still working on that part, which i figure at this rate will take me an infinity plus one years to master.

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