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Sunday, April 20, 2008

(from the files) 262. my blog neighborhood

apparently, i am part of a blog neighborhood, but i don't recall when i moved in, because had i, i'm not sure i'd join a neighborhood that would have me as a neighbor.
having said that, it is what it is though.

and it's not working out so well.

just the other day, a neighbor knocked on my blog door.
he told me he was short on capital letters and quotation marks and asked if i could spare a few.
when i told him i was sorry but i blog without them, he stormed off in a huff.
the next morning my blog front yard was littered with four letter potty comments.
it took me all day to clean the mess up.

anyway i plan to ride it out.
i have no choice.
it’s hard to move out of something you never moved into in the first place.


Wamblings said...


JennyWren said...

Dear Neighbor,
I'm sorry there are those that have not been respectful of your space. Personally, if you want to put a pink flamingo in the front yard, not only do you have those who support your personal expression, we might just want to add one to our yard as well.

You can borrow a cup of sugar or dangling participal from me anytime!