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Saturday, March 29, 2008

(from the files) 320. the dog’s annual vet visit

the vet said, okay let’s put her on the scale. hmm … she’s ten pounds overweight.
keaton blurted, that’s because he cooks extra meat and throws it into her dry food.
The vet turned to me and said, well just keep doin’ that and the extra proteins will eventually destroy her liver and she will die a painful death.
keaton piled on with, you see?
my shoulders drooped.
i felt like a murderer.
on the ride home i said, you kind of threw me under the bus there didn’t you?
keaton said, i know, but you’re good at that. i’d fall apart if she blamed me. it’s what i find endearing about you.
i said, yeah, well sometimes i think this endearment stuff is highly overrated.


Pam said...

Keaton can say or do anything she wants. She makes great cookies!

As far as meat protein, over time it's not good for the human liver either.

Stick to dog food for the dog, and fresh fruit & veggies for the humans with occassional red meat...like once a week at most. There are healthier proteins out there like salmaon & chicken.

Keaton's Mom said...

Put Pam on retainer. She is full of great advice!! I don't want to have to come up there and take over...(actually, I could use some dicipline myself :(
Oh well, back to water aerobics. It's fun, and great for high BP. I'll make Miss Mer (Keaton's sister)go with me!!!