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Saturday, March 8, 2008

523. andy talks about stress

andy said, stress is good for ya. it makes the work day go really fast.
so i asked, what exactly is it that you do at night that you're in such a rush to get home to?
he said, hardball with chris matthews.

then i thought, i don't know, i mean, i like hardball and all, but at my age making the day go fast doesn't strike me as a really good idea. and being stressed to boot? just plain dumb.

so i said, i see.

and left it at that.


Pam said...

Stress interrupts my serenity. I prefer soft jazz, a good wine, fresh flowers on the table, and some of Keaton's blueberry blogs.

As for making the day go by fast...LIFE goes by too fast. I saw a sign outside a church on the way to the post office last week. The sign said: "Life is a one way street. Your're not coming back."

Hm-m-m, now there's a thought to ponder.

Keaton's Mom said...

I don't get stressed...I just smile, get/give a hug, or talk to a child...children are a fountain of wisdom, look at pictures of my kids/grand kids, or I bake bread, or make chicken soup, or 'huggle' with my precious puppy (now 9 years old, but still a puppy). There are a million things you can do other than be stressed. Call someone and tell them you love them.