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Saturday, March 22, 2008

(from the files) 39. a conversation on race

(wrote this just about a year ago. just seemed funny to me, given the week in politics)

andy said, hey benny let’s have a conversation on race.
benny said, okay, you start.
andy said, all right, let’s see, i used to play basketball with a black guy.
benny said, yeah, my uncle has a cousin who dated a woman with color.
andy said, i like tiger woods.
benny said, yeah, me too.
then benny thought for a moment and asked, hey did you watch 'deal or no deal' last night?
andy said, yeah.
benny thought some more.
then he said, nothin' for nothin' but i think howie has some slave blood in his history.
andy said, yeah, he has a good head for no hair.
then benny said, yeah.
then andy thought for a moment and said, well that was a pretty good conversation on race.
benny said, yeah, i'd say better than pretty good.
andy added, i'd have to say we're not racists.
benny said, i'd have to say you're right.

and that was that.

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Pam said...

I'm definitely a racist. I wagered $10 on the 6th race at Finger Lakes Race Track and won $120. Oops, that's race enthusiast. Oh well, combine the two words and you've got racist.