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Friday, August 27, 2010

dumb recording ideas skill

i've decided to make use of my dumb recording ideas skill by using my cell phone to capture cranelegs pond thoughts as they occur, especially since my thoughts have become as fleeting as levi johnston apologies lately, not to mention i should put my dazzling technology savvy to better use than just programming tv remote controls.

i played back my first recorded idea from yesterday.
the recording said, write that funny thing benny said about cars and waxed floors.
it sure was my stupid voice all right.
i played it back again.
the recording said, write that funny thing benny said about cars and waxed floors.
i thought to myself, what funny thing?
then it occurred to me that i really do need to work on removing the "dumb" from my "dumb recording ideas skill", if this is to go to plan.


lightly said...

don't bother the dumb is here to stay.

its like belly fat, once you got it it ain't every going to leave.

Robert Crane said...

i think you are right lightly. what a sad state of affairs.

Pam said...

Ha! i like the analogy between dumb and belly fat.

Randy Johnson said...

Once again, you’re ahead of the curve Bob …well it looks like it from here, but then again I’ve been lapped a few times in the race of life, so maybe you’re just behind a different curve, or gone round the bend …I can’t tell. Anyway, you’re recording method seems every bit as effective as my scribbling method but way cooler. An illegible note seems so “last week” compared to an unintelligible recording. I’m gonna get hip like you Bob and try your dumb recording idea. I mean how much skill can it take? I can’t wait to mumble something hilarious into my phone today and then try to figure out what hell I was talkin’ about tonight.