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Sunday, August 22, 2010

calls from “unknown”

i get a lot of calls on my cell phone that come up on the display as “unknown”.
when i answer, i always ask, do i know you?
and the caller always says, i don’t think so.
(well except that one time when i'm pretty sure it was oprah, but that was her just being a jerk, checking up on me, all part of our little impasse, and has little to do with the matter at hand)

anyway, i'm left wondering, that’s amazing! how does my cell phone know that i don't know who they are?

if you think about, which i do way too much, it's spooky really.

so i tell the caller all about how scary smart my phone is, and boy when i get going, i can go on and on.
unfortunately, before i can finish, the unknown callers always hang up, and i'm sorry to say some even resort to potty mouth before they disconnect.

i chalk it all up to they’re just mad because their phones aren’t as smart as mine, which seems awfully petty, leading me to believe that whatever it was they called me about couldn't have been so important, if this is what it all boils down to, that is a few pedestrian cuss words.


Randy Johnson said...

Got to give it to you Bob, you’re even more brilliant than your phone!

lightly said...

if you don't want me to know who is phoning then i don't answer. 1800 , unknown, private, and if i don't recognize the number i don't answer, its that simple a rule.

and i think is O calls you you will know.

Pam said...

I'm with you, lightly. Although, I have answered the phone on more than one occasion, thinking it was a friend who said they'd call right back and answered, "Wild Bill's Bar & Grille, we're one beer short of a six pack." The person on the other end was a potential client. Oops!