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Saturday, December 27, 2008

(from the files) 345. the gray jacket

when i was a kid, i was convinced that a certain gray jacket i owned had magical powers.
if i wore it and walked around the block, i’d gain the strength of one man per lap, up to a maximum of nine.
strange how even my imagination had rules and limits.

anyway, the whole thing pretty much mortified of my younger brothers and parents.
but they let me be, as long as my wild claims about my secret gray jacket stayed in the house.

sometimes i wish i still had that imagination.
not so much for muscles and superpowers, but for a vision of what can be.
it’s hard.
i don’t have much left to work with really.
so much of it has been knocked right out of me.
i mean i suppose i can imagine an electric car that doesn’t need an extension cord or a cell phone that is easy to use, but those seem like chump change compared to what lennon imagined.

whatever happened to that gray jacket?
i’d like to think j. k. rowling found it and put it to better use than i.
yeah, that’s what i’d like to imagine.


Jayne said...

Oh god I want one of those... if you find it, let me know!

Love the blog!

Robert 'Cranelegs' Crane said...

it's last whereabouts are unknown at this time.
thinking of reporting "a missing jacket" to the police.
if i do, and it's recovered, you get it first for one week.
how about dem apples?