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Saturday, December 27, 2008

(from the files) 359. have you seen the whachamacallit

keaton asked, where’s the whachamacallit?
i answered, the what?
keaton said, you know, the whosiemadingy that was right here?

i moved into manstake auto pilot and started looking in cabinets and stuff as if i knew what she was talking about, buying time for her to find whatever it was that was missing.

then she announced, here it is. some one moved it.
i said, probably me, i think my cleaning skills are a little too aggressive sometimes.
then she said, yeah probably, ya might want to ease up a little bit.
i nodded in agreement, as she placed the garlic press (a.k.a., whachamacallit) back in a drawer.

and that is how it always goes when keaton misplaces a whosamawatchy.

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