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Thursday, August 9, 2007

328. sowing seeds and financial harvesting

something’s wrong.
i don’t get it.
evangelists of all kinds telling people, trust us, give us whatever you can, and god will pay you back with a boatload of cash. sow a seed of money with us and reap a financial harvest from the big guy.
one thing is for sure.
there are plenty of wild financial harvests being reaped but they aren’t those of the people sowing the singles.
i see too many rolex watches, gemstone jewelry, snappy suits, designer fashions, private jets, and palatial estates to think this is what god had up his rather noble sleeve.
where in the scriptures they spew are the parts about ministries being god’s collection agency.
just once i’d like to hear an evangelist say, take a thousand dollars. shred it. plant it in your backyard. pray for a big old harvest. then call when the money tree is ready for picking.
now that’s some seed sowing.
and if that actually works, it would qualify in this non-believer’s mind as evidence enough to call sam harris and say, sammy, we have a situation here!

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