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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

246. weather channel comes through

weather desk woman #1 said, with the july 4th holiday approaching and air travel expected to increase, it is important that you do not pack explosives of any kind, and that includes your checked bags as well as your carry on.
weather desk woman #2 asked, is that a new law or has it always been that way?
weather desk woman #1 answered, it has always been the law.
then weather desk woman #2 said, well that makes sense. so keep those fireworks at home folks!

all i know is that i’m sure glad i watch the weather channel for all my news.
i immediately emptied the backpack full of cherry bombs and m80s i planned to carry on board for my flight to upstate new york to celebrate the 4th.
probably saved me from a slight delay at gate security.

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