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Monday, June 25, 2007

245. it was a date with interest (see #242 first)

i asked, hair straightened or hair pulled back?
my son said, her hair was done like i never saw it before. it was long, rolling curls. it was spectacular.
i said, then it was a date.
he said, i don’t know. it was way past a date. it was something afar.
i asked, well what would that be then.
he said, i don’t know.
i rhetorically reiterated, you don’t know.
so we took it to the street and asked alix, my pseudo step daughter, who is quite wise about all matters of the heart.
she said, it was clearly a date with interest.
my son and i looked at each other.
it was obvious to both of us that he had moved into territory neither of us was familiar with.
he would have to go it alone—i would be of no counsel now.
so i asked him to write me when he gets the chance.

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