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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(from the files) 205. writing and rejection

if rejection is a tough go for you, trying to get published is not a fruitful endeavor.
i should know. i have a drawer full of reject letters that tease me when they get the chance.
i manage a little retribution though with a bucket full of voodoo dolls.
it may not be the most mature coping mechanism but boy does it feel good.
let’s face it, the author discovery process is flawed, but then again so is life.
except life just might be a safer venture, since there aren’t life story agents or life story editors out there to whom i need to submit a single page query about my journey and await their judgment.
then again, i suppose there are many who might say the heaven query letter is the ultimate tall order—the consequences of a poorly lived one, being what they are.
oh well, this blogging stuff seems like a good compromise between the two—writing and living that is.


Pam said...

Write a humorous book on "rejection letters".

bob said...

ya know pam, that's not a bad idea. thanks! except what would the query letter be like, "i'm writing a book about the rejection letter you are about to send me. so make it good bub!"

Pam said...

I'll have to think about the query letter a bit further and let you know what I come up with.

Pam said...

I think it would be even more fun to write humorous query letters with an equally humorous reply from an editor (fictitious of course.)H-m-m-m.