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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

739. cranelegs podcast - the scoop on blogstats

it's time for bob to check his dumb blog stats.
get an inside listen to the underbelly of blogging as bob breaks the code of blogger silence.

click on the title 739 above to listen (about six minutes long)!


Marja said...

Yes, someone in Driehuis is watching you. It was nice to hear your voice...now desperately waiting for 'Cranelegs&Keaton,the Movie'.

bob said...

that's you?!?
boy i'm glad i didn't say anything dumb, which as you know, i'm quite capable of.
as for the movie, i'm working on the screenplay as we speak. i'm writing it with the idea that it will be filmed by a cell phone.

anyway, thanks for being one of my two international readers!

hoop alles goed!