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Monday, October 27, 2008

738. it's talk radio for cranelegs

after much thought, i've decided my new career will be in talk radio.
i know, i know, i know: but bob, you have no experience.

first off, not true: i know what a radio is, i know how to talk, and i know how to make stuff up.
second off, if there is one thing i've learned from this election year, it's that this experience stuff is old school—it's time to get nuts cuckoo!

so there ya go!
the cranelegs radio hour.
kinda has a ring to it.

hmm ... with this formal announcement and all, i think i'll log into my email account with my trusty cell phone at my side and wait for all the offers to come flooding in.
oh boy, this is going to be great!
stay tuned.
or should i say, don't turn that dial?
(oh baby, i'm so such a natural)


itsmecissy said...

...i know how to talk, and i know how to make stuff up...

Sounds suspiciously like a politician. Just don't forget about us little people.

GEEK Fabrique said...

It can't be worse than Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand. Go for it!

bob said...

i'm gonna need a female impressionist who can juggle chain saws. is that up your alley itsmecissy?

bob said...

ah yes geek, a couple of brits who find themselves in a bit of trouble from time to time with their telephone shenanigans.

the good news is that a can be a lot worse and no one will be the wiser, because no one will be listening. it's one upside to no audience.

thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to comment! it's appreciated.

itsmecissy said...

Have chainsaw(s), Will Travel.