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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

788. the cranelegs pond “pledge of allegiance"

boss (me): it's been gettin' a little lax around the the cranelegs pond office here. i think it's time to require my employee to recite the cranelegs pond "pledge of allegiance" each and every morning, starting now!
employee (me): ah gee, do i have to?
boss (me): yes, if ya want your next paycheck.
employee (me): but i don't get a paycheck.
boss (me): well maybe it's becasue you don't say the pledge.
employee (me): no, it's because we don't make any money.
boss (me): yeah, well sometimes details aren't all they're cracked up to be! just say it! come on! i'll join you!
employee (me): well, considering we are the same person, you're gonna have to.
boss (me): what did i say about details? now let's begin!

both of me: “i pledge allegiance to the tag of "cranelegs pond" of the blogosphere, and to the internet in which it's crammed, one blogger under google, not invisible, with rankings and visitors galore."

boss (me): i can hear the sweet sound of "kah-ching kah-ching" already.
employee (me): nothin' for nothin', you're delusional. that's keaton's bell, time for some man-chores!


JennyWren said...

When you get that book offer, I think that you just found your title... the pledge

bob said...

not bad, "the pledge". and i'll open with the pledge as part of the intro. you might get a plug if you keep this up.

by the way, i think i'm gonna call it a "blook", as opposed to a book. (well, it was either that or a "boog".) i figure that's what you get when you make a book from a blog.

whatcha think jenn (or anyone for that matter)?