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Monday, December 15, 2008

110. boss don - wordsmithing and fonts

boss don said, crane the presentation has to be entirely redone.
i said, gee, i thought i put in all the lies you wanted.
boss don said, they’re not lies, they’re wordsmithing. i need to change the font size. make it bigger.
i asked, how big?
he said, use your judgment. you do have a brain don’t you?
i thought, i did before i started working for you.
but instead i used some wordsmithing in my reply and said, yes i do, and i’m learning that there are other ways to think about stuff.
he said, very good crane. there’s hope for you.

after six font changes, he demanded that i use the original, which is an improvement of sorts.
the previous presentation took nine font changes before he opted for the original.

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