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Friday, September 17, 2010

(from the files) 114. blogging in the buff

warning: if nudity offends you, skip this post.

i am writing this blog entry in the buff (with the exception of my favorite brackish white sport socks).
let’s face it, skin sells, and i readily admit i'm stooping to a cheap marketing ploy.
but nudity in the hands of a desperate blogger is a formidable tool, as i suspect this little publicity stunt will be splashed all over youtube shortly, launching cranelegs pond into the internets blogosphere.

uh oh, here comes the starbucks manager and she doesn’t appear to have my grande non-fat gingersnap latte, or for that matter, a sense of physical humor.
better go before it gets nuts around here, so to speak.


lightly said...

still waiting for the pictures

itsmecissy said...

Don't you remember the time bob mooned us, lightly? There's a picture somewhere in the Archives.

Robert Crane said...

oh baby ...