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Friday, December 19, 2008

(from the files) 144. ufo pilots

ufo pilots are not the smartest in my book.
they don’t seem to get it.
you land those things at airports—you five-eyed, three armed lummoxes, you!


lightly said...

give me a break human, we land where ever we please, we don't follow your stupid FAA rules. we get our biggest thrill by landing in some field and probing the locals, we don't have to probe our scanning system is thousands of years ahead of yours but we probe because its fun. we did land in your yard but could not find any intelligent life form so we left.

bob said...

aha! i thought so lightly. you are from another planet, or worse, another galaxy, possibly a parallel universe of some sort. and as far as your little wise crack, i think i'll just mention to keaton about your little no intelligent life form remark. then we'll see whose laughing.

so mr. smarty space pants, how about dem apples (or whatever it is you eat that's a fruit and loaded with nutrients).

lightly said...

we eat a lot of wheat, we do leave our calling card, and that explains the crop circles.