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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(from the files) 124. mom and her pc - 1

mom: so i went to that amazon jungle website like you said. the next thing i know, i have this shopping cart full of stuff i didn't buy. so i tried to leave but they stopped me.
me: what do you mean they stopped you?
mom: just like i said! i got this nasty message telling me to drop my mouse and put up my hands, because i'm being detained for online shoplifting. now what will i tell that nosey audrey bottoms next door when the rumors begin to fly?
me: what do you care? you're in a retirement village. they'll be asleep or dead before you finish explaining this to them.


Ladygoodwood said...

Oh Robert, this is funny but I also identify so much.
My mother and her twin sister come to stay with me a couple of times a year. One time they said 'What's all this Ebay about then?'
Like a prize idiot, I logged them onto ebay (yes with my log in, I know, I know..) and left them browsing. They put bids in on all sorts of tutt - no idea they were really bidding. I said 'What are you doing, what if you win, I have to pay!' Mother replied 'Don't be daft, it's not like being in a shop. It's just the Interset (sic) isn't it?'
Then followed a very anxious week.
I ended up buying an umbrella with a handle shaped like a flamingo, a shower curtain with a pattern of yellow ducks holding umbrellas, a rubber mat to stop your mixing bowl slipping and a set of non-stick baking pans. I am grateful that:
1) they didn't find the jewellry, cars, or real estate sections;
2) I didn't win the stuffed pelican!

Must get that one blogged!


One day, when I am 80, i intend to give my sons hell. have already ordered the purple dress and red hat!


itsmecissy said...

My late Mom's addiction was the Home Shopping Network. For a woman who was "legally" blind, she saw well enough to know what she wanted. Have phone, will buy!!!