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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

big old welcome to across the pond

just wanted to introduce the newest member of the elite "friends of the pond" club.
england's very own juliana (a.k.a., lady goodwood) now graces us with outstanding mum humor and assorted antics in that oh so funny british way.


Ladygoodwood said...

Giggles, why thank you very much!

Shall bring my water wings and snorkel... you did say the water in the pond is heated....

itsmecissy said...

O yeah, Ladygoodwood, this pond water is heated! Welcome from a fellow pond chum.

Robert Crane said...

now cis, let's not get all nuts before she has had a chance to figure that out for herself. she is, after all, from ... you know ... brit tane! where they love their petrol=lee-ane.

(almost as much as we-ane)

itsmecissy said...

Yeah, the land of brollies, where the truck of the car is called the boot, and take-out food is known as take away. Really makes more sense anyway :D