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Friday, July 25, 2014

The insider view: Bob at work

I've been at this new job now for about three years. Same old, same old: a big Pharma company in need of some basic IT support. In steps Bob. A boyish comic trapped in the body of a technology guy. As things go, this may just be the best group of business people I have ever worked with. Right up there with a three year stint I had from 1980 to 1983 in Phoenix, Arizona, of all places.

Anyway, I communicate mostly by email; a tempting instrument for the likes of me with that comic dementia ringing in my ears 16 by 7. And when the mood strikes me and I have the right audience on the other side ... well I get nuts. I can't help myself. Bob gets stupid.

Exhibit A: The person in this exchange, Barbara, sits near me in our new "open space" office. She is the department's communication guru. She also has a smiley sun balloon, whom she calls Mr. Sun and whom I threaten to do in from time to time. That's important to keep in mind while reading the email exchange. I initially emailed her to let her know I would be working from home, after I had been to the dentist. And I couldn't even send that simple message without being a wise guy. But she is a nut case and my equal in idiocy. This simple message quickly degenerated into what I'd call "business noir".

If interested in seeing how Bob operates in Corporate America, please click on the link below, and remember, the file is an email chain, so you need to start at the end and read to the start. If you read it in any other sequence, you run the risk of fever and hives; in rare cases people have vanished for 19 hours.

Well, here goes. Hope you return:

Just another email exchange at the office

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itsmecissy said...

I'd almost consider leaving retirement and returning to work if I had colleagues like you and Barb. Be kind to Mr. Sun.

P.S. And why do I have to prove I'm not a robot? What if I am?