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Friday, July 4, 2014

Of all the days, this is the fourthiest.

All the months have a fourth the last time I checked. But July's fourth is the usually the best. Except for that January 4th in1970, when I had my first kiss with good old Sue Knox, but that's a whole other thing.

Anyway, it's raining pretty steady today, which is bad because rain gets me to thinking about the most annoying things. Today's no different. I mean I know it's a time to wave my flag and pledge my allegiance and all that patriotic stuff but I'm just not feeling it today. I blame that on the rain, because it gives me time to think about the most annoying things.

Like people who use the second amendment as a crutch for some real god awful logic. People arming themselves to the teeth. Angry people. People with real hate in their hearts. Broken people. They seem to be the only ones too. Arming themselves that is. It saddens me that our politicians are immobilized to do anything about it. Immobilized by their cowardice. A strong word: "cowardice". But what else can it be, when the slaughter of school kids in Connecticut or Amish kids in Pennsylvania or movie-goers in Colorado isn't enough reason to do something. Anything! But nothing. Yup, they're cowards. Not what I think of when I think of American character, which I think about on days like today.

Then I wonder about the Middle East. What are we suppose to do with that mess? Why are we even there? Remember, "Freedom on the march!"? We need to practice our freedom marching a little more right here at home before we take that show on the road again.

Yup, a little more freedom marching is just what we need around here. Like the freedom to marry whomever we want, as long as it's one at a time and human. Or the opportunity to earn a living wage. Or the access to health care. Or the pursuit of an education. Or the rights of a fair immigration policy for so many who have come here no differently than most all our ancestors.

The sad truth is that it's hard to put any flag up or pledge any allegiance today. For me anyway. But as bad as that might sound, it is also true that there is no other place quite like this joint on Earth. We are all about fixing broken things and moving forward. We'll get there. Maybe not before my ashes are scattered on Cranelegs Pond. But it's inevitable. It's in the tsunami of demographics.

You see what rain does? It's insidious to a fellow like me. You know what though? I'm gonna barbecue and make the best of it. I'm an American, after all, and that's what we do.

"Keaton! Fetch me my rubber galoshes, slicker and some T-bones and Idahos. It's the Fourth! And we're barbecuing goddammit!"

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Randy Johnson said...

Well dog gone! Bob is back, and fired up to boot! I’ve got some readin’ to do, but first I’d better comment on this rainy day rant: If you're gonna be grumpy, at least be grumpy for righteous reasons I always say. America needs more crotchety old men like us Bob (the unarmed kind) and cantankerous women too if we’re ever gonna fix this mess that Lady Liberty has scared herself into.