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Thursday, January 27, 2011

you've gotta love benny

i'm out diggin the driveway clear of another 14 inches of snow, when benny is passing through and pulls over.
benny said, hey man! what ya doin'?
i said, what does it look like i'm doin'?
benny said, yeah i see. i get my driveway plowed. you should think about it. you're gettin' to old for this shit.
i said, nah, it's my exercise, but i have to admit this is a lot of snow.
benny said, yeah, i just don't remember winter being this bad when i was growing up.
i said, i don't know. i seem to remember snow being higher than me.
benny said, this just seems like a lot more and colder too.
i said, well what part of jersey did you grow up in. ya must have grown up near the shore or something.
benny said, nope. i grew up just outside of houston. ya know, texas..
then he kinda squinted his eyes and stared down the road all contemplative and all, as if he was recalling his mild childhood winters.
then he said, i guess i'll be goin' partner.
and i thought real sarcastic like, don't remember winters being this bad.
then i said, yeah i gotta get back to work here.

and just like that, off he went into the sunset accept it was the sunrise, but no one ever goes into the sunrise, especially an idiot cowboy from texas. so i said sunset.


Pam said...

I remember when snow was over my head too. But, I was only five.

itsmecissy said...

Well, at least it's unfair to all of us.