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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

definition of comedy

i'm reading a book that reveals comedy writing secrets.
first, comedians do a lot of things well but keeping secrets isn't one of them.
second, the secrets they are suppose to keep are ho hum at best.
all of which goes to show why they are better off being comedians than ... um ... let's say cia operatives or ceos.

anyway, the book opens up asking the question, what is comedy, to which steve martin is quoted as answering, "comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke."
i thought that is a funny definition for sure, but then what else should i expect from a funny guy.
unfortunately though it isn't an answer that really does it for me.
so i asked myself the same question and after sleeping on it, i woke this morning with my answer.

comedy is the complete opposite of death.

i think that pretty much covers it.


supermom said...

if comedy is the complete opposite of death, why do I laugh at some of the ways people died on that show "1000 ways to die" ???

Or is that exactly your point?

Robert Crane said...

Okay, ya see, if there were not things in this life that made me laugh, I'd rather die, and if I die let's say by reading a Lightly comment to Keaton while I'm in the bath tub and she is blowdrying her hair and she starts to laugh uncontrollably at the comment and drops the electric blowdryer into the tub and electrocutes me, or by choking to death on a piece of rice, something along those lines, in a way that you find amusing because apparently death amuses you, then ... then ...

I need to think about this some more because I don't know what the f%ck I'm talking about.

What was the question?

Pam said...

Comedy and humor are two totally different things. Comedy is more in your face; whereas humor is subtle and open to artistic interpretation. I'm into subtle myself.

Comedy is certainly the opposite of death. Death of a loved one makes people cry. Tears help in the healing process. That's why I do grief counseling. Humor also helps heal the grieving person and is a lot more fun. I've had people tell me that they love coming to my bereavement group meetings because they leave laughing. That's humor, not comedy.

Bobby, just to let you know...when Tom died three and a half years ago, one of the first places I visited was "The Pond". Your humor helped me in the healing process. I'll never forget that!

Thanks. Hugs.