"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

"what's bob gonna learn us next?"

how about them apples!
because whatever i've learned so far is just not worth passing on.

i say this because snooki's book has just been listed in the new york times best seller list, coming in at number 24.
snooki, to her credit, humbly tweeted that she can't believe her good fortune, which i'm willing to say is 140 more characters than she actually wrote in her book.

i make no bones about it.
i don't get it.
this news has given me a splitting infinitive headache, leaving my participle dangling and my innards all consonated.
i'm thinking of getting a semicolonoscopy to tell ya the truth.
god i look forward to senility.

(okay, okay, okay. that was a lot of hubbabubba just to get to some nerdy wordplay i came up with at 4:20 this morning. such is my life these days.)


itsmecissy said...

bob, bob, bob,
Calm down. Snooki ain't got nothin on you. Best sellers tend not to be books considered of superior academic value or literary quality, though there are exceptions. The Best seller lists merely give the highest-selling titles in the category at that time. A best seller list is just that. It's a far cry from "best book" list.

I know you want to be on Oprah some day but if you/anyone make decisions about your reading
material based solely on the NY Times lists, you might as well let Oprah Winfrey tell you
what to think also.

There, feel better now?

Robert Crane said...

Golly, ya think Opes would really do that for me? Geeh, there is hope Cissy. Thanks for learning me!

itsmecissy said...

No prob, any time.

Pam said...

It seems as though everything in Barnes & Noble is on the NY Times Best Seller List; most of which I wouldn't read if tortured by a band of pigmy gypsies.

A lot of published reading material is pretty awful, including Snooki or Snooksi or whatever the broad calls herself.

Besides, it goes to show the mentality of the general population. Some people have absolutely no taste.

I'm with itsme. You have BEST BOOK potential, Bobby. The good times will follow and you'll keep your integrity intact.

Randy Johnson said...

Best selling books, like top rated TV shows are merely a reflection of today’s American audience. Have you taken a good hard look at the American audience lately? No? …well remember when you were a kid at the zoo and you saw a bunch of people looking into the monkey cage, while the monkeys were looking out. Well back then you knew for sure which one of those two groups was smarter. If you go back there today Bob I swear you won’t be able to tell. In fact, based on what they’re not reading and watching inside the cage, I’d give the benefit of the doubt to the monkeys.