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Thursday, December 30, 2010

a slight silent bone of contention

yesterday i schlepped keaton into manhattan to see the off broadway show, "avenue q", and indulge in a post show vegetarian dinner.
it was one of her christmas presents.
(i know, i really know how to show a dame a good time)
the show was great—sorta sesame street meets in living color but with more potty mouth.
and the dinner!
we ate at a restaurant called, gobo.
never knew organic root pulp could be served so nicely seered and medium rare.
the closest thing to meat was a gyro vendor up the block and even then i'm not so sure.
anyway, other than the fact that our feet froze numb from navigating 40 blocks of street slush as only manhattan can produce after two feet of snow congeals, it was one of those connecting moments only the most dedicated of human pairs can appreciate.
and we did.

well, accept for this one thing.
you see, keaton likes to dance to the pop music piped onto the secaucus station train platform.
she gyrates in kind of a go-go affair.
a real throw back to hullabaloo.
as for me, i like to stand still, like a brick, accept like one that's smartly attired.

now look, i know i need to lighten up more and shed that brick, smartly attired or not, but some times ... some places ... it's just not possible.
and i have concluded waiting for the 12:37 on the secaucus station train platform is just such a time and place.
it's the kind of attention i just haven't acquired a taste for yet.
don't get me wrong, when keaton curls those lips and starts popping her legs up and down and swinging those arms all about ... well ... it's enough to put a big old smile on my face.
but i also see the children pointing and the heads turning, and i just know they've figured out i'm with her when she closes in and twists herself into a frenzy around my torso as i stand there like a week old ham hock in a parka.
i know, i know, i know.
it's me not her.
me and all my big talk about brick shedding.
i'm working on it!
just not there!

anyway, as you can tell, it's just a slight silent bone of contention, and i plan to keep it that way until i can figure something out that doesn't include jumping into the path of the oncoming 12:37.


Pam said...

Sounds like a great time! Loosen up, kid. You can always do the hokey pokey while waiting for the train. At least it'll keep you warm.

lightly said...

Broadway show, ha, who you kidding bob, culture not your strong point.

but i digress, your inspiration improves when your feet are cold.

to you and your peeps


itsmecissy said...

Why am I picturing Elaine Benes?


Robert Crane said...

i didn't say it hon! it's that liberty buster, itsme! but ya know sometimes she is right. i'm pretty sure not this time. but just sometimes.