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Sunday, November 7, 2010

what was the big hurry?

when i was small, i couldn't wait to grow as tall as my dad so i could see what was going on on top of the refrigerator.
i had my suspicion there was plenty of cool, grown-up stuff i was missin' out on.
but as soon as i was tall enough, i realized i had been duped once again.
there was nothing but grime up there and it would be my job to clean it.
if i had known that, i wouldn't have been in such a big rush to grow up, that's for sure.

and do you think i passed this important lesson on to my own son?
do snails snore?
i would submit, "not"!


Randy Johnson said...

Climb Bobby climb! When I was a kid, if you couldn’t climb, you couldn’t get to the Playboy magazines. For crying out loud, was I the only eight year old with crampons and rappelling gear on his Christmas list?!

itsmecissy said...

"Do snails snore?"

Only when they've had too much red wine.