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Sunday, November 14, 2010

the madcap travel blog, entry 4: early dinner reservation - 9PM

i was warned amply, "these people eat dinner late".
i thought keaton just was just funning with me, you know, having a few laughs at the expense of my limited travel experience.
she does that you know.
but she wasn't kidding.
these people eat late, they eat a lot, and they love their wine.
and frankly, they're killing me.
my intestines are on the fritz and i'm only four days in with six to go.
at this rate, i'll be pushin' up daisies by thursday.
my only saving grace is that i'm walking an average of six miles a day, during which i'm completely lost for five of them.
i even have three maps, one of which is the actual size of the city (one kilometer equals one kilometer).
they are no good.
i think they're bogus.
i think they are to middleearth or some place like that.
mainly because i don't recognize a word on them.

oh damn!
i gotta go.
it's my fritzy intestines tellin' me i better get to the toilet.
what the heck?
with all that walking, my feet could use a good washin' anyhow.


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