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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mr. smarty leaf

i was sitting at cranelegs pond, kinda feelin' sorry for myself, when this brilliant red-orange leaf landed in my lap.
i picked it up and looked at it for a moment.
then i said, hey leaf i feel sorry for you.
the leaf said, why's that bobbalooey?
i said, well because it takes you your entire life before you become the best color you can be, and then just like that, you die.
the leaf chuckled a bit and then said, you should be so lucky bobster.
and i thought, yeah whatever.
but i didn't tell him that because ... well ... because he was a leaf for cryin' out loud, a dyin' one at that.

so i tossed him in the wind and went back to pondering my mundane state of affairs before i was so rudely interrupted by mr. smarty leaf there.


Randy Johnson said...

Chapter II: Mr. Quizzical Mushroom

Just as the red leaf floated off, a green mushroom sauntered up and leaned on my foot. It looked up at me and said, “Hey Bobster,” then in its best Frank Gorshin voice continued, “Riddle me this: What rhymes with you, and dies in its brightest red hour” (at this point the mushroom tips its cap toward the drifting leaf) “… like him.”

Before I could say “hmmm?” a robin dove toward the mushroom yelling “Holy hallucinogenics (something or other) man!” …And then (why not) a bat fluttered out of the cattails …and POW! CRASH! ZONK!!

But the mushroom escaped, and I heard him exclaim as he scampered out of sight …”a lobster! …the answer is a lobster!!”

Randy Johnson said...

Sorry about that unauthorized sequel there Bob, but hey, what can I say? …the story inspired me!

Robert Crane said...

no problem ranster. and i nearly died when the mushroom "scampered" out of sight. that's killer stuff buddy boy!

Randy Johnson said...

What can I say? I’m learnin’ from the best here ...”saunter” in “scamper” out.
I’m scratchin’ “walk” and “run” right outta my humor dictionary.

…but “flutter?” that was kind of a gay thing for a pseudo Batman character to do. I mean not that there would be anything wrong with a gay Batman, but I’ll work on that "flutter" thing …Oh, well of course, Robin can flutter, but I’m thinking’ Batman might want to stick to “flying” for the time being. At least until “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is settled.

itsmecissy said...

Yous guys are such show-offs - I LOVE IT!