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Sunday, September 26, 2010

a fractured learning from grandma

it's not often that i have very little to say.
and when such a respite occurs, i'm best off listening to my grandma's mantra: if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.
of course, my take on that gem is: if you have nothing good to say, say something pretty stupid.

so ...

i really don't like tofu.
it might just as well be called toefood to be honest.
actually, i have it on good sources that it was left behind by aliens as some sort of cruel joke on us dumb earthlings.
which leads me to what really is stuck in my craw—other than knowing what a craw is, how one would stick it, and why that would be bothersome.

i think we are the butt end of a lot of jokes from distant galaxy comedians—along the lines of "elephant jokes".
it wouldn't surprise me if the first communication from outer space we intercept is something like: hey, why did the earthling eat tofu? because it was time for dinner!
i mean, that's probably some top shelf humor in some solar circles.

anyway, the whole thing bothers me, as stupid as it may sound.


itsmecissy said...

When you can't swallow something, when it won't go down, or you are loath to accept it, it sticks in your craw. The craw is the crop or preliminary stomach of a fowl, where food is predigested.

Sorry, just doing my job.

BTW, I love tofu.

And it looks like you may have another troll bob. Must be all that ebullient karma you've got going on. Hope its not contagious!

Ladygoodwood said...

I agree, Tofu is just disgusting.
You get all these soya beans, soak them and then mush them up together to make bean curd - excuse me!
Gimme a steak any day.

My grandma had a slightly different version:

'If you can't say owt nice, keep your trap shut'

She had others, a little less savoury, she was a great one for using bodily fluids in her analogies!

Pam said...

Pardon me! I like tofu. It's great in soups with noodles and fresh veggies and lots of spices.

Robert Crane said...

Itsme - i dumped the troll. we'll see if it returns. and thanks for the craw explanation. it sounds like "stuck in my craw" is a perfect way to explain tofu then.

lady - thank you for weighing in from aoross the pond. i'm obviously with you on this one. tofu would ruin a good mozart symphony, if i knew it were somewhere in the music hall.

pam - put tofu in a soup and what you end up with is topooh. but thanks for your recipe ... not.