"if it's good news, it must be someone else's"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my take on humor

a cranelegs pond visitor sent me an email asking if i might comment on my secret to writing such robust wit.
initially, i was humbled.
but an answer was called for, and an answer i would give my inquisitve friend.
or why even be in this business, i say!
so i gave the question considerable thought and responded: "cranelegs thanks you for asking such a probing question. here's my answer, if i may. you see, it always comes down to word choice. for example, why use run when you can use scamper. capisci? scamper is funny. that's humor my friend. that's the secret!"

forget the fact that i sent the original email to myself.
the point is i had a good answer in search of a question.
and god knows, if i waited around for someone else to ask, well there's no telling when this gem would be shared, if ever.
so i got a little proactive.
took the bull by the horns and slung it something good.
i just didn't need to send an email response to myself with auto-reply on is all, some 10,341 times before servers began crashing and smoke commenced from out of my motherboard.

see there?
that's what i'm talking about.
that's a funny word.
it's killer funny, and it just came to me naturally, like hyenas to a fresh carcass (or something else gross like that).


lightly said...

now bob you know that would work a lot better if you hired a blond from those fibermercials and she asked the question.
do a whole video production, i know they got black paint on hair to cover any bald spots, if you talk like the gold for cash guy you will be an overnight sensation

its just an idea bob, but feel free to use it.

Pam said...

It's amazing how those words work! Scamper instead of run...Bobby instead of Bob. Puts a little tickle into the old verbiage.

Randy Johnson said...

It's a beautiful spring day.
The air is calm.
The stadium is filled to capacity.
All eyes are on the track.
The starter points his pistol to the sky.
The runners set themselves in their blocks.

“On your mark!”

“Get set!”

“Commence BANG! scampering!!”

Robert Crane said...

lightly - once again i'm without word. not sure whether to laugh or cry (leaning towards the latter).

pam - some people just have a word with ways i suppose.

randy - of course the preliminary reading of the rules would be: "at the sound of the bang, commence scampering!"

Randy Johnson said...

That's golden Bob. I may never use the word "go" again.